Updated May 2024


Are you a designer looking for yarn support for a project or pattern? Let's talk!

I am enthusiastic about collaborating with designers, so send me an email if you have a pattern proposal or want to brainstorm about a project. I'm all ears.

Yarn Support

At this point in my business, it is not sustainable for me to offer free yarn support to designers. As my business grows, I hope to be able to offer free yarn support to designers in the furture.

What I can offer to designers who would like to collaborate with me is my current wholesale pricing. If you would like to design a pattern with my yarn, or have questions about yarn support/pricing, please send me an email at ethanpyle@refractedlightfiberarts.com.


I understand how important pattern promotion is for independent designers, so I am happy to promote patterns that are designed with my yarn. If you design a pattern with my yarn, I will promote your pattern is some or all of the following ways: in social media posts, in my email newsletters, by offering pattern kits, at trade fairs and yarn festivals, by word of mouth.