Updated May 2024

The Nature of Naturally Hand-Dyed Yarn

Part of the beauty of handmade goods is their individuality and unique character, and this is especially true of naturally dyed yarns. Each skein of yarn that I sell has been carefully dyed by hand. This means that there will be variations in color and tone between skeins, sometimes even between those dyed in the same dye bath. So please expect some variation of color when ordering your yarn, as it may look different from the one photographed.

To me, this is what makes hand-dyed yarn so beautiful and special. My yarns are listed by batch, so you can be confident that, while they may not be exactly the same, skeins purchased together can be used within the same project for a uniform overall look.

Techniques such as alternating skeins may be used to achieve a more consistent fabric, or you might decide, as I often do, to embrace the beauty of hand-dyed yarn and create a project where differences in color and tone become a wonderful part of the overall look of your handmade piece.

Furthermore, natural dyes have a tendency to shift color over time. This means that my yarns will sometimes develop a wonderful patina as they age. These color shifts are usually subtle and due either to fading from exposure to sunlight or to oxidation.


"Crocking" is the term that refers to the transfer of color from dyed materials to other surfaces or materials. While crocking can happen with yarn dyed in any manner, it is more common with naturally dyed yarns, especially darker shades or those dyed with indigo.

Crocking is a physical process whereby unbonded dye molecules that remain in the yarn are transferred from the yarn to another surface, like your hands or knitting needles. Warmth and moisture facilitate this process.

While I rinse my yarns thoroughly to try to prevent as much crocking as possible, be prepared for the possibility of having colorful hands as you work on your project.

Shipping Policies

I do my best to ship products safely and in a timely manner. All products purchased from my shop will be shipped within 3-5 business days via USPS. Shipping rates are calculated by weight and subject to change based on current USPS pricing.

If your order contains digital products, you will receive an email after payment is complete with a link to download your digital purchases. You will also be directed to a "Thank You" page after your purchase is complete from which you can download your file/s. There are currently no limits on the number of times you may download a digital file that you have purchased.

Since I am a small business run by only one person, I will do everything in my power to accommodate special shipping requests or instructions, but I cannot guarantee that I will be able to comply with every special request.

Currently, I ship only to the United States, but I am working on being able to ship orders outside the U.S. and will let you know if and when international shipping becomes available.

Returns Policies

I take great pride in the quality of my products and check all products carefully to make sure they are free from defects. If, however, you find that a product you have purchased is defective, you may contact me via email or my website's contact form to arrange a return.

I accept returns only for defective goods.

To initiate a return, please email ethanpyle@refractedlightknits.com or fill out my site's contact form. Please include a list of the good/s you would like to return and a description of the nature of the defect/s.

Once a return is initiated, the customer is responsible for postage/shipping costs to return the defective good/s. A full refund for the original cost of the goods (not including shipping charges) will be issued within 1-3 business days of my receiving the returned good/s

I do not accept returns on or issue refunds for products marked "final sale" or digital downloads.